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No two backsplashes need be alike. Kitchen backsplashes can be created from a variety of different materials.

Marble, granite, ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel...the possibilities are endless.

Backsplashes are an Important Design Element

The kitchen backsplash is not just a way to protect the walls behind the counters and make the kitchen easier to clean. With all of the variety of materials available it has become a way to bring a signature touch to your kitchen. It is the one area where you can get creative, pull the room together, and make a statement, all at the same time.

The backsplash is a practicality in the kitchen. It protects walls from splashes and splatters. Keeping this in mind, it should be made from a material that is easy to clean and maintain. Take into consideration your kitchen habits:

  • The amount of cooking you do
  • The type of cooking you do
  • The time you have to maintain the area
  • The look you want in your kitchen
  • How much time you spend there